If you are visiting Cuba and want to walk the streets of Havana in a unique way, you should travel in cocotaxis. The cocotaxis are one of the latest inventions of transportation in Cuba, along with pedicabs, it is an unconventional and fun way to know Havana.

Since the late 90s, cocotaxis emerged in the streets of Havana as a novel way to tour the city; and after 20 years is still the favorite of many visitors transport, as when traveling in cocotaxis avoid the heat and feel the natural air cooling Havana.

When you go to ride on a cocotaxis, be sure to adjust the price before, because although not usually have a high cost, this can vary from 1 CUC to 10 CUC, depending on distance walk you through. While on the streets you can find piqueras of cocotaxis, to contact and book one of these taxis you can call telephone numbers 873 1411 and 878 2444, Panatrans Cocotaxis.

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